Daily views of video on Facebook increased from 1 to 8 billion in the past year. Meanwhile, text posts continue to decline.


Live video is outpacing the growth of other types of online video, with a 113% increase in ad growth yearly.


StreamLive by Extremeline is the #1 provider in Ottawa for live video production.


Live streaming is big. And it is only getting bigger.


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Have Questions About Live Streaming? We Can Help

What type of events can be live streamed?

Pretty much any type of event can be live streamed, such as:  symposiums, conferences, panels, workshops, keynotes, presentations, meetings, shows, trade shows, live web shows, etc.

What platforms support live streaming?

Most online platforms support live streaming, such as:  websites, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

How will my audience watch the live streamed event?

We broadcast natively through Facebook Live or YouTube, but we can also rig up a number of white-label streaming services depending on your project needs.

What's so great about StreamLive?

Essentially, it comes down to talent, tools, and time.

Talent – We have a well-seasoned, experienced Creative Director along with a multi-talented team of individuals who are skillful and passionate about what they do.

Tools – Our technology is top of the line. We use the Livestream HD550, a versatile, dynamic, and portable live streaming device, coupled with professional cameras, tripods, and audio equipment. StreamLive is capable of broadcast quality productions, with 1-5 physical cameras available for various setups, as well as virtual inputs (such as PowerPoint inputs, virtual interviews, virtual video feed, pre-recorded videos, etc.).

Time – We believe in production excellence and in efficiency.  With our team, StreamLive can tackle any event and customize a production just for you, all within your time frame.