Filming During the COVID-19 Pandemic?!

What’s allowed, or even possible…?

Can we even produce videos in this pandemic landscape? As your video producers, we’re here to solve problems and bring you results.

  1. YES, on-site video production is allowed in Ontario! With the proper protocols. Our safety protocols include: masks for all teammates, extra sanitization of equipment, screening of teammates, and more.
  2. Virtual and hybrid production techniques can also be used. From Zoom-recorded interviews to hybrid event live-streaming and more, we have robust virtual workflows to make your videos great during the pandemic.
  3. There’s always a creative solution! At Extremeline, we’re focused on producing results for you, our clients. What else is possible? Repurposing old footage, finding the perfect stock video clips, or even creating animated videos from scratch… We do it all, and we can do it for you.

Don’t let Covid stop you from creating great videos! Extremeline’s producers are ready to make your next production excellent and safe.