It’s a Team Effort.
Extremeline brings together some of the best in the business.

But it’s more than that.


Creative Director, Founder

Our fearless leader & strategic communicator by design, Adam expresses his talent through his favourite medium: video. From conducting an emotional interview to capturing a high-octane event, he adapts and conquers project objectives with flamboyant precision. His commitment to our clients’ success and the pursuit of excellence is unwavering.


Lead Video Editor

Alma’s passion for filmmaking and editing led her to Extremeline. Years of producing videos in many styles and formats has honed her talent to an ethereal state. Always pushing the limits of her own achievement, she is enthusiastic to bring her creativity and insight to our clients’ projects.


Operations Manager, Producer, Drone Pilot

Andrew is a powerhouse production crew member with an eagle eye on-set, in the sky, and in the edit suite. A master troubleshooter, his unique blend of creative and technical talents give him unmatched versatility in any production environment. Behind the scenes he wrangles media, keeps our tech tip-top, and oversees internal projects.


Video Producer, Editor

David believes that videos should inspire viewers and create a positive impact on their lives. His passion for multimedia - including music, art and theater - influences his video editing and creative producing. And he has some high-tech tricks up his sleeve! (Ask him about projection mapping…)


Director, Cinematographer

Kevin is a charismatic and visionary leader who brings out the best in our subjects and our crew. One of Extremeline’s directors and an on-set specialist, he is a cinematic alchemist who seeks out and captures the most elusive and enchanting moments in any project.


Video Producer, Photographer

Latham is an energetic professional with a passion for video and photography. His demeanor can be described as rapt yet unruffled, a valuable combination in any production environment.


Senior Editor, Animator

Shane is a highly skilled professional who is intimately familiar with all aspects of our production workflows. Extremeline’s longest-term crewie, his creative and technical aptitudes merge to produce unique and compelling content for our clients through animation and storytelling. Simply put: he’s a post-production wizard.

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