It’s a Team Effort.
Extremeline brings together some of the best in the business.

But it’s more than that. It’s about a shared focus on our pursuit of excellence on behalf of our clients. And creativity. But we all get it – the bottom line is it’s about ROI.

Under the careful direction of our highly experienced founder and creative director Adam Langlois, we combine business acumen with design thinking to develop meaningful, differentiated, and authentic video content for organizations across Canada. We meticulously craft each video to deliver real business value to our clients. We take pride in our work: your work. Our videos put the best of you and your brand on the screen. Our passion is collaboration; our medium is video. Year after year, we help transform businesses and organizations through the power of video, and we are stoked to see our work enabling our clients to make an even bigger impact on the world!

Adam Langois


Creative Director, Founder

As our fearless leader & strategic communicator by design, Adam expresses his talent through his favourite medium: video. From capturing a personal testimonial to covering a high-octane event, Adam adapts and conquers projects with flamboyant precision, flexibility, integrity and excellence.

Andrew Brannen


Producer, Drone Pilot

Andrew is a powerhouse production crew member with a creative eye on-set, in the sky, and in the edit suite. He is a skilled videographer, editor, and drone operator with experience in directing and shooting in a variety of production environments.

Kevin Laporte



Kevin's background on the stage and the screen make him the Swiss army knife of Extremeline. An independent filmmaker out of the office, he's always searching for new ways to tell the story, wielding cinema tools as a samurai wields a blade.

Shane Webster


Editor & Animator

With Extremeline since 2012, Shane is a highly qualified producer who is intimately familiar with all aspects of our video production workflows. Shane’s creative talent combined with his aptitude for all things technical add polish and prestige to our clients’ projects, whether through animation, storytelling or live-streaming.

Emily Langois


Office Manager

As the Queen Bee of Extremeline, Emily is a force to be reckoned with behind the scenes. With family being her core drive as proud mother of 5, you can bet that she has thought of it all. Like a gale force wind Emily keeps the crew at Extremeline moving, organized and motivated while maintaining a creative outlook on all projects.