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Your most exciting and impactful videos yet…

So, you have a project, a business objective, or a story-telling opportunity in mind, and you want to use video to bring it to life. You’ve come to the right place!

At Extremeline, we know video production, and we do it well. Our experience, equipment, and techniques are leading-edge, and our clients in both the business and not for profit sectors rely on us month after month, year after year to produce great video content for their organizations. But we’re more than point-and-shoot videographers… We’re producers. Strategic vision and productive creativity are at the core of everything we do. 

The first step in any video project is a productive creative conversation. Our clients love (and appreciate) our ability to very quickly grasp the details of the challenge or opportunity they’re facing, and recommend an efficient and cost-effective video plan. By asking the right questions and unleashing our creative process, we can move from zero project knowledge to established project vision in one meeting.  

Vision and scope are intertwined, so as we determine the best approach to video creation (whether it’s one video or several), we also determine the cost. Often we can provide a quote on the spot, or (depending on project size and scale) within a day or two. A 30-minute meeting is all it takes to kick things off!

From promotional videos to documentaries, virtual events to creative campaigns (and more!), find out why we’re a growing and in-demand video production company in Ottawa.

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